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Fortune 500 companies count on Bamboo Pictures to deliver high-quality content at a fraction of traditional agencies


Bentley Motors Singapore's engages its premier clientele with up-to-date video catalogue of its latest range of luxury accessories.

Video is used to showcase: product line, processes and special networking events.

Bamboo Pictures partners Bentley to bring exclusive merchandise videos over social media and in-store display.

Youtube Academy (Asia)

Bamboo Pictures partners Youtube Academy to bring their keynote speakers to a larger worldwide audience.

The Bamboo Pictures crew provides full event recording and livestreaming of Youtube Academy workshops and symposiums held in Singapore.


The Facebook Creator Lab is an initiative supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).  


The FB Creator Lab programme helps video creators leverage Facebook products to showcase their work, increase awareness and engage communities online.

Bamboo Pictures is one of the first  IMDA-approved production house for content creators and influencers participating in the FB Creator Lab.

Partnering renowned fitness star Natalie  "Rock Star Arms" Dau, Bamboo Pictures produced all 12 episodes of  Facebook reality series, "Keeping it Real."

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